Private 1:1 Consultation

Embark on a personalized health journey tailored specifically to you. With my 1:1 consultation, I'll provide you with deep insights into your health, dietary patterns, and lifestyle habits, guiding you towards holistic vitality.


Ready to Take Charge of Your Health? Here’s How to Connect:

Initial Consultation
Duration: 75 minutes
Mode: Virtual (In-person or phone calls available within Canada)
Cost: $180
I'll thoroughly review your health and medical history, explore your dietary and lifestyle habits, identify challenges, and help set clear goals. This comprehensive session is perfect for self-motivated individuals keen on taking their wellness to the next level. Prepare for an engaging and detailed conversation. Based on our discussion, I will craft a personalized protocol for you, to be discussed in a subsequent follow-up appointment.
Initial 1:1 Consultation
Duration: 50 minutes
Mode: Virtual
Cost: $100
Our journey doesn't end with the initial session. In this follow-up, I'll discuss your personalized plan, assess your progress, tackle any challenges you're facing, and recalibrate goals as necessary. This iterative process is designed to ensure you're continuously moving forward in your quest for vitality. After our session, I will send you an adjusted protocol via email, equipping you with the clarity and direction needed.
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